• The North-West of Sicily: Palermo region and the Madonie Mountain

    * Cefalù – certainly one of the most popular destinations on Sicily. This ancient fishermens’ place has a special charme which is not only engendered by its picturesque centre but also by its beautiful beach

    * Palermo – the capital of Sicily, with about 730.000 inhabitants the biggest town on the island with its own airport. Palermo is situated on the northwest side of Sicily in a bay, surrounded by two foot-hills
    * Monreale – a small town south of Palermo where you can find the most impressive cathedral of Sicily, one can even say it is one of Europe’s most impressive churches. It is the masterpiece of Norman architecture on Sicily, which – in a unique way – blends the style of the Normans, Arabians and Byzantine in a single structure
    * Parco Naturale Regionale delle Madonie (Madonie Park) – this botanic paradise, together with its peaks reaching 1,979m of height, houses more than the half of the 2,600 Sicilian species and about 150 of the 200 endemic species. The Park is also well-known for its interesting geological aspects and landscape. From several points of the Park you admire Etna, Nebrodi, the Aeolian Islands, which offer an unforgettable and almost unreal view at dawn and at sunset
    * Castelbuono
    * other Madonie villages

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