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Sicilian cooking classes are the perfect way of learning to cook great food while at the same time discovering and enjoying the regional culture and cuisine

We will pick you up from the Palermo International Airport and make sure that the rest of the week you can simply enjoy the lessons and the excursions to Taormina, Palermo, Monreale, Cefalù, Madonie villages … and the visits to local producers of wine, biological cheese, Manna, cakes …  

Small Classes

The maximum number of students per class is 12. All classes are taught in English and/or Italian

Hands-on Cooking Classes

We believe that the only way to learn to cook is to do it yourself. This course is hands-on cooking and not only demonstration. The cooking classes last about 5 hours (with the exception of the intensive course). We take a small break in the middle relaxing outside on the terrace with water, orange juice, wine or coffee. At the end of the session we sit down and enjoy what we have prepared with a good bottle of Sicilian wine

Bringing the Experience Home

You will receive a cookbook including recipes of all the dishes made during your stay, an exclusive apron, a chef’s hat and a certificate on completion of the course. We have chosen dishes that can easily be made at home, using ingredients that you can usually find in most general or specialty stores

We will then send you a Photo Book of your Cooking Class

Gluten-Free Diet

Our SicilianFoodLovers cooking class makes it simple for persons with practically any kind of dietary requirement to participate, including celiac patients who require a gluten-free diet

Participants opting for these culinary classes will learn how to create authentic gluten-free Sicilian meals that cater to their dietary needs while enjoying the flavourful goodness of the local cuisine

You will learn how to make tasty gluten-free pastas and other traditional recipes and we will show you how to substitute the best ingredients to prepare the most delicious and healthy gluten-free Sicilian meals! Don’t let your celiac diet prevent you from enjoying a complete Sicilian experience, where the fine culinary traditions are a reflection of Sicilian’s rich historical heritage and the blessed abundance of the land (please, inquire)

When are you coming?

Learn more about the available dates for your cooking holiday



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