Pizza Making Class

Pizza Making Classes – Cefalù, Sicily

Join us for a Pizza Making Class and learn how to make the real thin crust Pizza

Come for a leisure hands-on Pizza Making Experience Workshop (3/5 hours including meal) at Villa Palamara, a beautiful restored Sicilian Villa in the amazing Norman town of Cefalù, in Sicily
We teach you the professional techniques for all stages of making the true and authentic Italian pizza. You will learn how to:
– Make the perfect pizza dough by using the right flour from the typical Sicilian variaty of wheat
– Roll out and stretch your pizza dough
– The secrets to a great pizza sauce
– Ideas for fun pizza toppings
€99,00 p.p. (minimum 2 people)

The rate includes:
A Pizza Class that lasts about 3 to 5 hours (depends on the number of guests), including lunch, with a small appetizer while waiting for the fantastic Pizza of your own creation made from scratch to be baked!
Drinks – Sicilian wine and water
Coffee, amaro and limoncello after the meal
And if you still have free time, enjoy our fantastic pool (bring your swimsuit and towels!).

The Pizza Class begins at 11:30am and ends at approximately 15:00pm with lunch included. The class is completely hands-on and topics for Pizza will be adapted on your tastes! Advance reservations are required. So contact usto check availability, to book your class (minimum 2 people) or simply to ask for details

We speak English but if you want to learns some Italian we can cook speaking Italian! Fun and joy!