• Carnevale – The Carnival of Sicily

    CARNEVALE – This week we are eating ricotta cakes … “cannoli”, “cassata”, “chiacchiere” …
    In every big city, town or small village everyone participates to the carnival parades from the smallest child to senior citizens everyone is wearing a costume or mask from the simple ones to the more elaborate ones, with bright colors prevailing and strings and confetti are thrown up in the air (in the past eggs and vegetables were flying around), giving the atmosphere a very festive feel. Music is in the air as the intricate floats pass by with huge and animated and symbolic papier-mâché figures which shine during the day and develop a drastic light in the evening. There are competition and demonstration.
    “The Carnival of Sicily”, no doubt, is the one which takes place in Acireale (Catania). But many others in other parts of the island have a certain appeal, too. Sciacca or Termini Imerese Carnival, for example. And, as I said, in every other small villages or towns

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