• Legendary Sicily – the ColaPesce legend

    This is the story of a Sicilian boy named Cola but everyone called him “Colapesce (pesce=fish)” because he loved the sea and he spent his days swimming and diving.
    He lived in Messina, a beautiful city in the east coast of Sicily, with his mother. She didn’t like Cola’ strange habits and she was used to tell him: “You will change into a fish sooner or later”!
    Colapesce was used to go out and tell to everyone about the wonderful treasures he was seeing while diving.
    One day Federico II king of Sicily, heard about Colapesce and about his strange adventures. The king was curious and asked him to have a look in the deepest sea to find out what can hold the Sicilian island up. Colapesce went down the sea and when he was back he said “Sicily is hold up by three columns but one of them has been damaged by a magic big fire. I suppose that our Sicily will be soon submerged by the sea”. Both the inhabitants and the king were scared. They begged him to help them. Colapesce, even though he knew that diving that deep was extremely dangerous, decided to go.
    Since that time the king and the inhabitants never saw him again.
    Everybody said that Colapesce had became half man and half fish and had remained under the sea helping the third column to remain stable.
    Up to now he holds up Sicily and prevents it to be submerged by the sea.

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