• The reproduction of the antique ceramic floor

    In the 13th century, no self-respecting Abbey, Monastery or Royal Palace would have been without its tiled floors. By the 16th century, the fashion for inlaid tiles had passed but in the early years of the 18th century, architects began to look to the past for inspiration and came across examples of the old medieval tiles. A number of authors collected the designs found on such tiles and published them, leading to an interest in and demand for reproduction tiles for new and renovated church floors. Make sure you choose proper tile for your period home. Keeping tradition alive is of extreamily importance

    step one – Starting by the original piece

    step two – The reproduction of the same glaze is quite impossible. Nowdays  glazes are much more different then decades ago –  glaze is today led-free (of course!)  giving to the piece of ceramic a completely different effect

    step three – we glaze the tile

    step four – we prepare exactely the pattern as it was

    step five – we paint the tile

    step six – we fire it

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